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How OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com works:

  1. We are affiliated with Amazon.com and showcase only the most Beautiful, Unique, and Elegant Christmas Ornaments and Decorations they have in stock.
  2. We know how difficult it is to find beautiful decorations without having to search for them, so we have categorized these personally selected decorations for you, making it easier for you to shop.
  3. Browse through our store and choose your favorite Ornaments and Decorations, click on the product and it will bring you to Amazon in a separate Tab on your browser.
  4. You can then add your item to your Amazon shopping cart.
  5. You can continue shopping on Amazon or come back to our site by going to the original Tab on your browser.  Keep both Oodles Tab and the Amazon Tab open to continue shopping.
  6. When you are finished shopping, go to your Amazon Cart and checkout. Amazon takes your payment, processes, and ships your order.

Why we have partnered with Amazon:

  1. We endeavor to bring you selection beautiful ornaments and decorations by spending our time trawling through all the endless amounts of Ornaments and Decorations Amazon has to offer. In other words, we do all the work for you!
  2. We are a participant of Amazon’s Associates Program. This program provides a means for sites to earn fees for picking, showcasing, and organizing products on their site while linking to Amazon.com.
  3. No payment is ever taken by OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com and no money is ever added to your order as payment to us.
  4. The terms and conditions for this program are set by Amazon. This means we are free to help you find the items you want without needing anything directly from you in return!
  5. All prices are established by Amazon
  6. By accessing this site, you agree that OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com is not liable for any discrepancy in prices and pricing for any of the products advertised on it in the past, present, or future.
  7. OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com is only allowed to display items sold on www.Amazon.com. By accessing and purchasing any item, service, or product from Amazon.com directly either directly or indirectly through links from www.OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com directly or indirectly, you agree that www.OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com and its associates are not liable for any returns, refunds, disputes; legal or otherwise, arising as a result of purchases displayed on www.OodlesOfChristmasOrnaments.com and/or made on www.amazon.com. Rest assured, you will be taken straight to Amazon who will process your payments and ship your goods to you, guaranteeing you the best customer service from the worlds largest online retailer.
  8. Please direct all returns and questions regarding your order through your Amazon Account or contact their customer service department at (888) 280-4331.

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